Infinite Calm meditation course

The next live round course dates are:

11, 18, 25 January & 8 February 2023

How this course will help you....

Meditation has been scientifically proven to:

decrease anxiety
ease insomnia
decrease addictive behaviour
increase happiness
increase focus, concentration & creativity
increase intuitive thinking

and that's just the start...

Not 1 but 4 different types of meditation!

Most courses only teach one type of meditation. In this course you will learn:

- 4 different yet individually powerful types of meditation (mindfulness, expansion, quantum energetics and transcendental meditations)

- how to meditate independently

- micro meditations to practise on the go

- tips and motivational guidance on establishing a meditation routine

- the health benefits of each type of meditation

- the history and culture of each type of meditation

You will receive:

- lifelong access to the online course to dip into for advice and inspiration whenever you need

- video tutorials to guide you through each meditation

- downloadable guidance

- downloadable meditations & audio guides

- 4 x weekly live tutorials for questions, advice and tailored coaching

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